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Why Euler Technology?

Euler Technology Sdn Bhd was established to cater for the increasing demand of simple yet practical solutions to various technological challenges faces by a lot of businesses. We don’t just offer solutions; we empower them. And we don’t just fulfil your requirements and requests; we advise and enhance them.

The name ‘Euler’ was chosen, as a tribute to Leonhard Euler, the famous mathematician, physicist and engineer, widely regarded as the most eminent mathematician in history. Euler is a symbol of commitment and dedication to knowledge and continuous advancement in technology.

Our logo is the ‘infinity’ symbol, which is a way tell you that with us at your side, innovations are simply infinite.



Euler Technology consists of professionals from various background, who are dedicated to deliver.


Our programmers and developers are in-house; so be rest assured all your problems will be addressed in no time!



We are a bunch of young techies who are hungry for innovative solutions.


We offer top quality service at affordable cost; we are entrepreneurs as well, we know how important your costing is!

Have a great idea but no expertise?


Our Latest Project

We offer tailor-made technology solutions based on your needs and requirements. We mainly develop online portal/platform for businesses and enterprises, but we also offer other IT solutions.

IDPay / idpay.my

Payment gateway for government/public servants and selected GLCs’ staff where they can purchase items and make payment through salary deduction.


Zoomrah / zoomrah.com

Online marketplace for umrah packages.


Recond / recond.my

A platform where people can buy auction report instantly to check Japanese reconditioned car’s history and background.


A2Shipping / au.a2shipping.com

Logistic platform for people in Australia to send items and stuff to Malaysia.

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